Thursday, February 14, 2008

creepy matchmaking

Hi galls,

We need a little boy talk on this blog, to get the attention away from book reviews and such :D
So here goes:

Did any of your friends ever try to set you up with some guy?! Well, I've been a matchmaker myself a couple of times but guess what!? It is NOT funny when people try to do it to you!
Last year one of my friends was convinced I was the right girl for a guy who she worked with on her paper. At the beginning of this school year, my classmate Hanna wanted to set me up with someone as well.......hehe....guess what.....same guy! uhuh!
At first I thought it was a little creepy that she picked the some boy, but I ignored her when she started talking about him.
Yesterday, during social philosophy, me and my friend Funda were grading the guys in our classroom. When suddenly she pointed out the guy that my two other friends had picked out for me earlier. I might have mumbled something that sounded like "he cool". After that Funda's enthousiasm was unstoppable. She has been trying to make the two of us run in to eachother ever since, she succeeded a few times as well and that ended in him walking me to my dorm. Personally I think it is a little scary that three of my friends want to see me dating the same guy.
I don't even want to be dating at all :p (thank you fear of commitment :D)

Anyway it is good to be back in leuven after a weeks vacation, I've really missed it here. Tonight me and Funda are going to a party, hope it will be fun :)

see you guys soon

x Stien x


Andi & Stien said...

Ah, Stien! Are you serious?! I guess I'll have to see that guy for myself now. To check if your friends are right about him. I mean, this can't be coincidence! Coincidence doesn't exist!
By the way, it's great to see you back here, hunny. I've missed you! And I agree, we should talk more about boys around here ;-)
In most of my cases, that can prove to be a problem, though. Since boys don't seem to be interested in good old me. *sigh*.
Oh well, there aaaaare guys, but they're just soooooooo wrong! Heh heh heh, I suppose I attract wrongness (if you don't mind me whining about it).

But no, seriously, I want to see that 3-times-recommended guy.

*Andi* :D

FRIGGA said...

Lucky you. I've got the opposite problem. All my friends and sisters want to set me up with someone - but nobody knows anyone who's around my age and single.

Yes, I am shameless. It is so ok for them to set me up with someone. The way I figure is, well, it's kinda lonely being single, and if it doesn't work out, at least I get a free dinner. But no. No one knows anyone...

Oh whoops, sorry, did I get a little carried away there?

Happy Friday!!! :-)

FRIGGA said...

P.S. How about posting a picture of the guy all your friends think you're perfect for?

Andi & Stien said...

haha not a chance, what if he decides to read my blog someday:p