Saturday, August 25, 2007

A quick note...

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let you all know I'll be away the following days. We're moving everything out of the house, pc's too. And I can't say when they will be installed again, 'cause I don't know if we even have Internet in our New House.
I'll miss you all very much! And I hope Stien won't mind me being away. (Hon, I'll be back very very soon!)

By the way, Dionne Galace is sooooo nice! We actually won something, can you believe it?! So now we totally worship the ground beneath her feet!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Interview time!

Frigga had a great idea, (like always) ... : Interviewing. You're readers are supposed to ask you to interview them. So, If you ask us to interview you, we will! You just have to ask, and we will send you 5 questions which you have to post on your blog. In turn, your readers can ask you to interview them, and so on... ;-)

We asked Frigga, and here comes the interview:

1. You ladies aren't from Germany, but where are you from? And what language/s are commonly spoken in your country, and what are your slang words? Also, what language do you blog in?

Andi: We are from Belgium. Germany is our neighbor, hehe. In our country we speak Flemmish (it is practically the same as Dutch, only with an accent) and French. Just a little part in Belgium speaks German.
Our slang words... Well, Stien and I often call each other 'trut', which has pretty much the same meaning as your English 'bitch' ;-)
Stien: Or 'sjiek' which has the same meaning as 'cool'. Or 'Miljaar!' which means 'Damn!'. Or 'hennig' which means 'cute'... We have many many words!
Andi: And 'kutnest', don't forget 'kutnest'. That means 'bullocks' :-D

Oh yeah, we blog in English, just so you know... ;-)

2. You've been neighbors and best friends for years... how long and how did you meet? Can you share a childhood story of the two of you?

Stien: In 8th grade I had a friend called Stina, she used to tell me about her friend Andi who was spectacularly funny and a super friend. Stina told me Andi was comming to our school the next year. So september 1st, the year after, I met Andi. She had such long hair back then *pretty*. Andi and me headed off instantly. Although we saw each other every day, we wrote each other letters to get to know one another better.
I guess we both felt the need to share things with each other, that we couldn't share with the rest of the group. We might just be soulmates :D

Andi: A while after, me and my family had to move. Back then, we lived in the village next to Stien's. We had a dog, Kelly, and my mom didn't find a house, because pets were not allowed everywhere. We were nearly desperate! Mom wanted to take Kelly away and bring her to an animal asylum. And that's when I called Stien on the phone, in tears and totally in shock. I told her that Kelly was in danger and that I didn't want to loose her! I didn't want to give her away!

She calmed me and she was the one who got us a house to live. Her grandpa had a house that we could rent, and Kelly could come along.
And that's how we became neighbors, because it happened that said house was just arround the corner from Stien's :D

3. Where do you each see yourselves in ten years?

Andi: I see myself as a movie director. Working somewhere in London, I hope. I really want to make a costume drama, like the ones of the BBC, the Jane Austen movies... that sort of things. That's really my life dream! Oh, and in the meanwhile, I have written a couple of books too ;-) .... Yeah, romance novels, heh heh heh.
And Stien can come to all the premieres for free, and she can have copies of my books, for free!
Stien: Stien has no idea...

4. Do you have boyfriends? If so, spill the details!! If not, what do you each want in a man?

Andi: I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. I always said: "I want a man who can handle me!" I guess I've been reading too much romance novels. But still. I had some though moments in my past and that shows. I have very little tolerance towards men. If they breake 1 of my basic rules, they are kicked out of the door.
My ideal man has to be calm, funny, intelligent, loving, honest, loyal, sometimes crazy, and very very very veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery passionate!!!!
Like I said, a romance hero!
Stien: Stien wants someone who can shut her up when she's having one of her fits. Someone who misses her when she's gone. Someone who looks at her like she's the only one...apparently that's hard to find.

5. Now each of you has to tell an embarrassing story about the other!!

Andi: Ooooooooh! This is a hard one! Not because I have so many stories, but because I have trouble remembering embarrassing ones about Stien. But here's one I still remeber ;-)

Stien, my sister and I were walking at the train station, on platform 1 towards the entry. Suddenly Stien spotted a really gorgeous guy, walking in the opposite direction. She started walking very sexy (she had new shoes on) : swinging her hips, chin in the air, waving her hair, when BLAM, she fell right on her face, in front of that boy's feet... Poor thing, she was sooooo embarrassed!

Stien: Andi pooped in a bag...

Andi: Yeah, oooops for that one! *oops*

If anyone of you guys wants to be interviewed, let us know! And thanks, Frigga, for this one. We had a great time answering these questions ;-)


Stien & Andi

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 4, already

Hi everyone!

I haven't written a TT before and I was feeling guilty because I let Andi run this blog by herself for a quite while. So I suggested to do this week's thirteen. I didn't tell Andi what the subject was going to be, though. I hope she wil be surprised because I came up with 13 reasons why Andi is worth having as a friend.(I'm so sweet, I know :p)

1 - Andi is a real clown, she can always make you laugh. Especially when eating, Andi likes to put up a show. I'm talking herbs between teeth and a big smile :D
Just make sure she stays away from toast :p ...not a pretty sight :p

2 - Andi has more books than our public library, she read most of them and loooooovveeees to give you a full report... so if you're looking for a bedtime story... :D

3 - When in boy code red (the sobbing kind :p)... she knows excactly what kind of movie and taste of patatoe chips (or ice cream) (or both) to bring :D

4 - You don't have to be afraid when Andi and her pencil are around (long story :p)

5 - Andi likes chocolate even more than me

6 - You can call her names and she will take it as a compliment

7 - Andi says things like "Your diva-rate is skyhigh today" (makes me feel good :D)

8 - Andi knows better than anyone how to spot a georgous looking guy, I don't know how she does it and she won't tell me :p

9 - Andi is a great cook! Maybe this could be a hint to let her cook for me again :p

10 - She is friends with ME!

11 - Andi looks tough, but she is supersweet which makes her even more interesting

12 - Andi makes pretty pictures of pretty people :D

13 - She's Andi! I mean, come on!!!

Anyway, Andi is SUPERDUPER great :D . You can be friends with her, just don't think she'll be your Best Friend Forever (that space is occupied)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Skin to Skin

There are several reasons I wanted a blog of my own. One of those reasons is the great Dionne Galace. I have been reading on her blog quite some time now. I'm always telling Stien: "Omg, look here, that remark is sooo funny!" . But I never dared to place a comment. I know, I'm stupid... but still.

Now, she has a contest running. And I thought it would be something just for Stien and me ;-)
(I mean, we can win this book, which would be great since I don't have a credit card and that means I can't buy it... damn. So this way would be the logic answer to the problem, he he he.)

Her new book is out and she wants to let the world know. And I reeeeaaaally want to read it!

Here is a small summary what the book is about:

What Leilani wants, Leilani gets. That is, until she meets the enigmatic Oliver Clayton, her new neighbor. For some reason, Oliver seems to be intent on avoiding her even though he’s obviously interested. Leilani has tried to everything to get his attention, from wearing skimpy little outfits to walking a neighbor’s dog six times in front of his yard. Leilani wants Oliver…and she always gets her man.
In the heat of the summer, the temperature’s not only thing rising. Luckily, Oliver has that pool in his backyard and Leilani knows just how to cool off…

For people who have a creditcard, you can buy it right here, at Samhain.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Dear Bloggers, Bloggees and hello to the Blogged,

How is everyone doing? I hope better than I :) I came back from my holiday a week ago but got the flue shortly after. (In august!!!! can you imagine?)
I'm still not feeling a 100% well, but Andi has been nagging me for days and days to write another blog entry.
The poor girl was practicaly desperate.
So here I am :D (yes you may bow!)

How come I always overestimate my health?
I want to have a go at university this year, so I went shopping for some stuff at Ikea (for my dormroom ofcourse). Before I left my mom asked me if I was feeling well enough. I told her I was feeling perfectly fine and that shopping would probably be just the cure I needed!...wel erhm....WRONG!!!!!
Almost fainting at Ikea' is truely a new low girls :s :p

Aside from that the shopping trip was fun.
Seeing as the curtains and doors in my dormroom are red, I decided that red would be my accentcouler for the room. So I practically bought everything in the shop that revieled even the slightest hint of red! My mom was barely able to save a giant red couch from my shophappy grasp! (too bad, it was pretty even it wouldn't fit :( and I'm sure my flue would have been cured if I got it ).

Anyway this blog is a pervy one and I haven't said anything boy related yet. Well, today I'd like to turn the tables for a change.
Ofcourse we all know that the male part of the human race is disgustingly evil and they should all go and live on the moon and only come back if we say they can :)
But sometimes...a kind girly soul wanders off and ends up on the wrong side of town. Us girls can be really cruel as well. In this case, my thoughts go out to a friend of mine (he knows who he is:) ) I hope he'll get treated the way he deserves to be real soon. (I also hope he won't kill me for writing this)

Anyway... at least WE can blame "hormones" for our freaky man hating behavior :)

Toodles y'all
Stien x

Monday, August 20, 2007

The daily life

Wow, I'm so happy I can find some time to write. These last few days have been really busy.
My sister and I found a job. It's only for two weeks, but still, we're also moving stuff to our new house. So that means my mom has to do much more on her own.
Yeah, she's practically freaking out from all the stress.
But at last the painting is about done. Yesterday, I painted my mom's bedroom. Now all of the upstairs rooms are finished, thank god.
Tomorrow the first half of our new furniture arrives. That's pretty exciting, so everyone with me: 'Whoooooo!!!'

Oh yeah, I'm stressed out too, can you notice? ;-)
At least the work we do at our new job isn't too hard. Or difficult, hehehe. But all the small bits make one large bit, heh?

Because I also have to finish some illustrations for a new author. And I don't seem to get there :-S ... With the work, the moving, the painting, it's hard to take the illustrations on top. It always seems like I can do nothing but appologize to her, poor thing. And I feel bad about my self. Really, really guilty. I mean, why am I not working on them now?

"Perhaps because it's late and you're about to go to bed in a few minutes?" says a voice, the logic one, in my head.

Maaah, I still feel bad.

And then another thing that completely stresses me out, too: my upcomming exam! I haven't told you before, but I'm switching schools. I set my mind on a new school in Brussels, the very BIG city. But in order to enter there, I first have to do an exam, an entry exam. And it takes one week! One week...
I'm totally pooped out here...
I'm so affraid I won't pass, and if I don't pass, I'm going to cry. Seriously. One week long.
At least Stien is comming with me, and Sonja too. I'm lucky to have friends who support me like that. And keep peptalking me ;-)

Talking about Stien, poor thing is sick. Lying in bed with a fever. But she will be back soon, and all over us again, heh heh heh... :D


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Operation: Image MeMe

I just saw that we were tagged by Frigga

And since it looks really fun to do... well, here we are ;-)

The idea is to go to google, (images), type in your name and choose the picture you like the most of someone that shares your name.

And I found a picture! :D whiiiiii...
And since this is a pervy blog, I figured I could show it too ;-)

Hehehehe... it comes from this

And now Stien, let's see what I can find for her ;-)
This picture is titled: Red Stien. I found it here:
And now that's done, we're supposed to tag others too. Uhm..., that's going to be a problem since I don't really know someone to tag... *oops*
Oh well, never mind,... We'll fix that problem later, I guess :-P
Now I'm off to bed, I really need to get some sleep!
See you all later!

Thursday Thirteen # 3...

Hi all,

Stien is back for almost a week, but I couldn't get her to write something on our blog. Everyone with me: "Ooooooooooohhh..." :-(

Now, I know I'm a bit late for this third TT, but I have a wonderful excuse: it's so very busy over here! No kiddin'...
Next to the moving, painting our new house, my sister and I have found a job! Together, yes. It's only for 2 weeks, as a vacation job. But still, it's pretty hard for our mother since she has to do a lot more, now we are away.

And well, our third TT... I really have no clue what to do. Or perhaps,... here comes an idea:

My 13 favorite songs (or at least the ones I play the most) :
  1. Braille, from Regina Spektor
  2. Apr├Ęs moi, from Regina Spektor
  3. Lady, from Regina Spektor
  4. That theme from 'The Phantom of the Opera', omg, that's soooo good!!!
  5. Moan, from Trentemoller
  6. Bite me, from Electric Six
  7. Devil Nights, from Electric Six
  8. Slices of you, from Electric Six
  9. So she dances, from Josh Groban
  10. Awake, from Josh Groban
  11. Do it again, The Chemical Brothers
  12. Ramalama (bang bang), from Roisin Murphy
  13. Shame for you, from Lily Allen

Voila, that was it! I promise I'll think of something better next time ;-)

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 2, whoooo!!!

I was thinking, now Stien is away, what to do for our second TT. I really had no clue and so I figured to do something simple. Like perhaps show you my 13 coolest pictures ;-)

So here we go:

13 pics by Andi, hehehe:

1. First, let's start with a pic of Stien:

2. Here's one I took while working on a video clip:

3. My sister in a costume dress:

4. Again, my sister:

5. Sonja and her little sister:

6. Tina putting her shoes on:

7. Tina and her BF:

8. A pic of a camera support, tripod:

9. Stien and Sonja:

10. My sister in a normal outfit ;-)

11. Our new cat, Rosca:

12. Again Rosca, I couldn't choose:

13. Well, this one, I didn't take myself (obviously, heh, since it's me you see :p ), but it was too funny not to show:

And that was it for today. I hope you enjoyed it! If you have a Thursday Thirteen today: link it!


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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Really annoying ex-boyfriends

Well, I'm not speaking of my own experiences. Never really had an ex-ex-boyfriend (had some flirts, but nothing really serious). But my sister has.
And he's being a real pain in the ass.
They had a relationship for almost two years, but my sister always had the impression he wasn't being honest with her. I never trusted him, though...
Anyway, a few weeks ago she discoverd the nasty truth. He had been lying and cheating all along, acting like the bastard he is. So my sister kicked him out. With me cheering her along. Fi-na-lly he was gone!!!

Well, no such luck. Now he keeps sending her text-messages. Acting like a total innocent. Keeps her asking why she is so mad at him. Stupid asshole!

So, my question to you: Did you ever had a really irritating ex? How did you handle the situation? Did he/she came crawling back?


Monday, August 6, 2007

I feel perfectly abandoned...

Yep, like it says in the title: I feel perfectly abandoned.

Stien left for Turkey, to spend a whole week there. Blergh, why does that feel so bad? So totally wrong?
Perhaps because all my friends are away, heh. I mean, Sonja's in Brussels (poor gal lives there), Tina's still in Russia, I haven't talked to Andrea in ages, and now Stien is in Turkey...

Plus, today was a really annoying day. We had to do a lot of packing (because we're moving) and it was very hot! I had the feeling that I was sweating waaaaayy too much. You know, sort of like: 'Oh no! Look at me, I just produced a whole river!!!'

In the afternoon, my mom and I went to the new house, to do some measuring, and then to the shop where we bought lots of paint. (Note to self: paint ain't cheap)
But at least that's done. So tomorrow we can fi-na-lly beging!!! *Wheeeee*...
We picked some really nice colors. Very light colored violet, for the kitchen and the bathroom. And if we have enough, also for the hall.
For the living room, we chose buffalo brown and beige (same for my bedroom) and lime and beige for my mother's bedroom.

When everything is finished, I'll post some pictures of the endresult ;-)

Tina's to arrive tomorrow evening, from Russia, and she promissed to help a hand with the painting. At least I won't feel abandoned anymore, if she comes to help us, hehehe... I really missed her, so it will be nice to catch up with her.

Anyway, I'm off. I've still some artwork to do for a new author. I guess I'll have to finish that ;-)


Friday, August 3, 2007

Hopeless Holiday Hopping Around :D

Hi everyone!

I'm leaving on a holiday tonight, so I thought I'd post a blog entry before I go.
Due to the lack of sleep I got from pre-holiday stress, this might just be the most boring blog entry you have ever read. I am ever so sorry about that. Don't worry I'll make it up to you by posting a very pervy entry - about studmuffins I saw along the way-when I get back.
I invited Andi over here for a last girl to girl talk, poor thing had to put up with a load of stressattacks. Even now, packed and ready I keep trying to think of things I could have forgotten. I must admit, I packed about everything anyone could fit into a suitcase. Also, I keep chekking if I got my passport :). It's not like it is going to leap out of my bag or anything, but still.
Then, of course, there's the new airport policy concerning handbags. Aren't they taking it over the top just a little? No Liquids alowed, if more then 100ml.
What am I gonna do? Splash the pilot in the face with water and then take the plane. I mean come on!
And what if it were some kind af chemical product? A 100ml could still be enough to hurt a few important people.
Somebody told me even some pens or pencils are not alowed. Please! If they're afraid I will draw moustaches on sleeping people, their fear is probably grounded.

If I were Andi on the other hand, pencils would be dangerous. That might just be an idea for a Thursday Thirtheen. "how I drove a pencil through my sisters leg".
Anyway I get the feeling I'm kinda blabbering about whatever.

So: I wish you all the best of luck this week.
Greetings xxx Kristien

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 1

Hi everyone!

Here I am again for my second post on this wonderful blog. Yeah, I know we don’t have something like an audience yet, but I hope in time that will change. Soon. And then we will become the most powerful blog on the net, so strong, so we can conquer the world… MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Just kiddin’, we’ll try to be nice ;-)

And lookie here: it’s Thursday today. Wich means: time for our very very first ‘Thursday Thirteen’. Whoohoo!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. What do you do? Write Thirteen things about yourself, summarize your week in one entry, make it easy for other bloggers to get to know you on a weekly basis. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well!

Since this is a first, I think it would be fun to talk about, well,… us. Get to know each other a bit better, if you know what I mean?

1. Stien and I both live in Belgium. About 300 meters a part from the other. Although that’s going to change very soon, since I am moving to the city.

2. Stien and I are best friends since high school. We saw, we met, and became friends instantly.

3. A lot of people have told us already that Stien and I look just like sisters. We even look more sisterly-like than my sister and me.

4. We both wear glasses.

5. We both have wavy brown hair, although Stien’s hair is dyed black.

6. Stien has a thing for shoes, I have a thing for earrings. Yeah, girls, right?!

7. Although I wouldn’t mind if I could buy as many shoes as I wished. Oh no! Certainly not! Where’s the money??

8. Stien has the cutest little dog I’ve ever seen: a puppy named Tyto.

9. I want a dog too! I’m whining and complaining about that for almost two years now. I want a dog tooooooo… *whine*

10. I have absolutely no tact at all. I’m the blurt-it-all-out kind of girl. Stien, on the other hand, could be renamed as Miss Tact. Or Miss Subtle. Or Miss Discreet. Whatever, you got the point.

11. We both like to make beauuuutiful things with Fimo. Figurines, beads, birthday presents and lots more. I have to say, we’re both good at it.

12. Just to point out that we’re not just one girl with a personality disorder: yes, there are differences between us. I’ve always seen Stien as the classy chick. The one with a worldly air to her. She always comes up with lines like: “Oh god, Andi, that boy just gave me a ‘round Manhattan’”. To which I most likely answer: “Whaaat??” Looking very confused.

13. On the other hand, Stien always tells me I am the funny one. But that’s hard to grab for me. I don’t get it, when it are her words I always have to laugh with. It always looks like she comes up with the funny things to say and that I look the blabbering fool, compared to her.

Anyway, that was it for now. If you have a Thursday Thirteen today: link it!


Let's introduce!

So, people, let’s introduce!

My name is Andi. I’m 21 and kind of weird. Or so they keep telling me. (They = those purple little aliens who keep abducting me)


I’m a real romance book lover. I mean, how else would you discribe someone who has a hughe pile of romance books to be read?! I’ll try to review some books on this blog as we go on and grow older ;-)
It would be fun to ‘speak my mind without consequences’… or so I hope. I know there are some though bitches in romancelandia. (Always good to be prepared, heh…)
Anyway, that’s what I hope to do on this blog. And since I’m relatively new to this thingie, I hope you guys will help this sistah out ;-)

But romance isn’t the only thing on my mind…

Stien just talked about boys. Lemme tell ya something: Boys are wonderfull. In theory. Or on photographs… *rrrrrrr*
No, seriously, who doens’t like herself some beefcake once in a while?! ;-)
So nice boys pictures will also be posted regularly on this (oh so rightly called) Pervy Blog, hee hee…
I hope you’ll enjoy them. Here’s one to get us started:

I hope to see ya’ all soon.


Our very first entry! Whooo!!

Posted by: Toigirl Stien

Dearest Dude's and Dudettes!

I asked Andi to do our first blog entry. As you can see I beat her to it, because for the firt time EVAH my girl was speechless. (I mean can you imagine)

So I guess I will kick this shit off! (if you don't do it yourself *dissapointed face* :p) I'm sorry Andi :D you know i love you.

What better to start a blog by than a good old fashioned boy diss. Did you girls ever want to show op on a guys doorstep, grab him by the ears and shout: "you don't even know it yet, but we are made for each other!". I so wanna do that. Some guys just do not get it :D It would be funny to do that though. but then again, if you pinch his ears to hard, he still wont hear ya! And somehow I do doubt it would work :p

But what if it does work? :p ...there ya go! thinking too much again. I'm what? 12 lines along the way. That's what they do, them boys...they make you think (even more then usual). Maybe it's because of that whole 'not thinking with their brain'-thing, they just wanna make ours do overtime instead.

And yet, we still do love them! (stupid fuckfaces )

Anyway I'm off, hoping Andi got some inspiration from this crap :D

toodles xxx
PS: it' s not even funny when I try this :p