Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

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(Picture from Uncooked *wink-wink* )

My exams are coming up, so aside from the normal holiday stress, I'm pretty much freaking out. There's just so much to do!

For example, I have to have a project ready in a few days. This project is my first Solo.
(This school year, we have to make 2 solo projects. They are rather important; we are getting rated on these things, blah.)

The task for this first Solo is the same for each student: Man/Woman/Setting.
You are judged on creativity, story/script, production and directing skills.

And now I'm pretty much stressing about everything: My storyline seems poor, my storyboard sucks, I don't even know if my actors are going to do what I want them to do...

And in the meanwhile, there are still exams to be studied, holiday guests who are coming over...
People's birthdays I shouldn't forget...

My head seems to explode!

But today, it doesn't really matter. I have everything prepared for the shooting, so I refuse to stress about that any longer. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes when the camera is rolling, eh.

I'm just going to do some studying now, until the guests arrive...

So... I wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Happy 2008!


P.S: sorry about the whining! *oops*

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well, I had a few computer problems lately. Everything seems to be fixed again, now, thank God!
I swear, it's frustrating when you have a little Internet addiction... *lalalala*

And, wow, it's Christmas Eve already! Yes, time goes by so quickly. It's our first Christmas in our new home. We've bought a very large Christmas tree, a fake one. But it looks really pretty. We just didn't want a real tree, since every time we buy one, it ends with the garbage instead of in our garden.
The fake one wasn't that expensive, so there you go: no more money for a tree every year, and no more poor trees that get killed because of us ;-)

I've also made a CD for my mom. Yes, 'made'. The newest Josh Groban, Noël.
Well, yes, Christmas shopping always tends to get so very expensive, certainly for such a poor student like myself, so I just downloaded it. When you have no money, you have to be creative, eh?
I printed the cover picture on a piece of paper, and voila! My mom has a brand new Josh Groban CD...

For myself, I've rediscovered those old Christmas songs from Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Elvis Presley. They're gorgeous. So I made a CD with those songs as well, hahaha ;-)

And now there's only one thing left to say:
I wish you guys a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Enjoy the holidays!

Love and Hugs,

P.S: Yes, I made that drawing ;-)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time for another TT, number 14!

Well, last week, I completely forgot to write a TT entry... *whoopsie*

But since I have a bit of free time today, I know what to do ;-)

I haven't told you yet, but (since yesterday), I have an Algerian stalker. No really, it's true!

To make a long story short, he's got my number and now he's calling/text-messaging me quite often...

Now I'm thinking about 13 methods to get rid of him...

  1. Say I'm from the VB, a political party here in Flanders which tends towards extreme nationalism (and racism).

  2. Say I have a STD.

  3. Or that my husband is released from prison next week. A really cute guy tattooed all over his body. BWAHAHA!

  4. Perhaps I could say that I don't want a guy with the brains of a goldfish. Even a goldfish would be smarter than him! (believe me, that's true)

  5. From now on, I could eat garlic everyday, just in case...

  6. Or become terribly fat...

  7. Or let him smell my stinky shoes.

  8. I could tell him I'm gay. Which of course isn't true, heh.

  9. Say I'm in a relationship with somebody else...

  10. I could let my cat attack him.

  11. Or my sister's new boyfriend.

  12. I could change my cell phone number.
  13. Oh, what the hell, I'll just tell him to sod off. Voila.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

*Ladidah* A question for you!

Hi there,

I know, I know,... I should be doing my homework since it's a school night and such. But still, you know how it goes. There's always something better to do, eh?

So I was google-ing a bit. We had a writing class today. One of the benefits of going to a film school is that you get in touch with a lot of 'famous' people. That is, 'famous' here in Belgium, hehehe... So I was searching if I could find something about that professor scenario writing.

He is kinda' cute, really... *g*
No, truly, he is.

He always speaks so softly. I don't think he ever gets mad. And secretly, I think he's gay. I could be wrong, but then again, I could be right too.

Anyway, there I was, searching google-land for some form of live. And yes! I found his picture! *Wheeeee*

Should I post it? :P

Oh well, what harm can it do? Here you go:
Now, how old do you think he is? I swear, he is a perfect example of how I suck at guessing someone's age.

But what I want to know is if I'm the only one... So come on!
How old is my professor?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sonja, Belgian Chocolate and Christmas!

Hi, hello ;-)

Wow... I seem to be so busy lately! I swear, school is eating my time.

Tomorrow, it will be a week since Sonja's wedding. As soon as I can I'll post some pictures, 'cause she really was beautiful on her wedding day.
It's so strange to think she has a 'husband' now.... God, I mean, time flies! It really does, no kiddin'.
I feel old and young at the same time ...*sigh*... that strange duality, it twists my mind ;-)

On a slightly larger scale then. We still don't have a government. And it's really getting time we got one. Remember that Thursday Thirteen post? Well, Leterme isn't "formateur" anymore(Don't know the English word here). He blew it yet again.
Now we're depending on our former Premier, Verhofstadt, to save us from this mess. I wonder where that's going to lead us...
And that with the Leterme-antics going on. That man keeps on making mistake after mistake.
Apparently, Leterme made a comparison between our French television station, the RTBF, and that radio station Mille Collines in Rwanda.
Of course, now everyone is mad at him. Which is very understandable.
So now our country is coping with a dilemma: A transitional government or an emergency government...
We'll see soon enough, I guess. I only hope they clean up this mess quickly!

On another note, Christmas is almost there! *Wheeeee*
Who has been Christmas shopping already? *I have - I have*
I don't have everything just yet... I still have to see if I can find some small things, but otherwise I'm done :D
In two weeks it's Christmas, so I have a little time left. Oh well...

Anyway, I wanted to share something with you guys. To bring you in the spirit of Christmas ;-)
Ever wanted to see me dance? Check it out here :P
One chance only!