Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 13

Hi there!

It's Thursday Thirteen again! And I was thinking... perhaps this week, Pervy Blog should live up to its name. Hahaha... So, perhaps, I should just show you 13 pictures of naked men... *And if I just could remember where I found them all*...

So here we goooooo.... 13 men to look at (no touching :-P )

And I mean naked as in *really really really really, very naked* , so you've been warned!

And a Christmas Present!!!! :D

I hope you enjoyed the ride...*ahum*

Andi :D

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey there!

Here I am... Wheee!
Today I have a day off from school, so I'm using my time now to talk to you guys. Isn't that sweet?

You know what else's sweet too? You'll never guess it. Never!


Never, I say!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA.... *Andi going maniacal*

Okay, I'll tell... Only because you are giving me those odd looks. Stop staring at me as if you're thinking I'm wacko...


Well, what's the news now, you're wondering?

Sonja's getting married! MARRIED! ....Sonja!

December the 4th is D-day.

Sometimes I think the girl is batshit crazy... I mean, she's still so young (turning 21 on December 12) and marriage is so, uhm, binding...

I'm happy for her, though. She seems really happy and very much in love. It's just a pity she's not going for the 'fairy tale wedding' like she always wanted. Instead, she's going to have a simple wedding. I even had to convince her to buy a weddingdress, can you imagine!

And that makes me think about what I want, if I'm ever getting married. I think I may perhaps be a bit influenced by Disney, ha ha! Because I wouldn't want anything different than a fairy tale wedding... *sigh*
I know I'm sentimental in that way. But I'm picturing a fabulous dress, a perfect bridesgroom, white horses, church bells ringing (although I'm not really a religious type), all my family and friends, and lots of flowers... cake and guests, dance and music... candlelight and stars....

If that isn't Disney, I don't know what is...

And yes, Sonja, Stien and I used to talk to each other about how we pictured our weddingday... Perhaps Sonja just changed her mind, and decided she doesn't want to fuss about all those silly little things. To keep it simple and 'real'.

But I can't help to feel a bit sad, heh...

Oh, yeah, she asked me to be the maid of honor. Of course I accepted. But then she went and bought herself a weddingdress, without me (or anyone else) to accompany her. That's just taking all the fun away...

So now, in a couple of days, Sonja is a married woman. And I'm still feeling like a little girl inside... afraid to grow up... and getting old.

Here's a picture of the two of them. Don't you think they look a bit like a Romance Novel Clinch Cover?!

I took it a little more than a year ago, (you know, at that party in Morocco? Yes, that's that plastic grass I told you about!).

Aren't they sweet?

I'm doing their wedding pictures, by the way... So I'll see if I can sneak some pic from D-day to show you guys ;-)

Now I have to go... Still so many things to do, and so little time!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 12

Hi guys!

Sorry we've been away quite a while. There were so many things to do, my god... really. But we're back :D

You could already read about Stien's snack-problems and now I'm here with this week's TT.

We're going to do this one a bit earlier, because tomorrow (Thursday) will be a busy, busy day.

So hold on, 'cause here we are with our late Wednesday night's TT, hee hee :D

Our Msn conversation...

  1. Vrouwe Amantia says:
    He gave an example of a duel, 2 men fighting about a woman…
    And he said: "yes people… *cough* … I mean a REAL duel, heh… like REAL men fought them… because now, gosh, *sigh*… it is…it is…pffff *grumble*….
    Well, anyway, not like you lot, lying sprawled on the couch in front of the television, crying and whining: 'ooohh nooooooos, now that other guy took my girlfriend to the movies… *whine whine whine*'
    No, REAL men used to say: HIM OR ME!"
  2. Andi zegt: меня зовут Andi says:
    Bwahahahaha, where is that guy???!!!
    I want to meet him

  3. Andi zegt: меня зовут Andi says: I’m jealous!
    I want a guy who says stuff like that…

  4. Andi zegt: меня зовут Andi says:
    Perhaps I should just buy myself a talking Action Man figure
  5. Vrouwe Amantia says:
    I can picture that already:
    “you will pay dr X”
    And then you: “say my name bitch”

  6. Andi zegt: меня зовут Andi says:
    Oh. my. god. Earlier.....
    A guy tried to “seduce” me
  7. Vrouwe Amantia says:
    He was a dirtbag, I take it?
  8. Andi zegt: меня зовут Andi says:
    No, he wasn’t really gross, more like the ‘dumb idiot’ type,
    You know, the type with the brains of a goldfish
    *Andi quickly runs away…*
  9. Andi zegt: меня зовут Andi says:
    Thank god I know there still are some guys interested in me, now,…
    If not, I might’ve tought I was a completely lost cause…
  10. Vrouwe Amantia says:
    Yez one day some stupid noob will make you perfectly happy
  11. Andi zegt: меня зовут Andi says:
    Wahahaha, at least, then, I’d know who’d be the most intelligent of us… :p
  12. Andi zegt: меня зовут Andi says:
    You know what? We should put one of these msn conversations on our blog, someday. Whatcha think?
  13. Vrouwe Amantia says:
    Yeah right! Translate it in English!
    You go girl!
    For tomorrow: 13 lines from our msn conversation :p

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Happy TT!

Andi & Stien :D


Howdy girlz,

you know how some people (mostly women) get these cravings after they have had dinner? Well, I'm the president of that club!!!
Anyway this week I was prepared. I bought fruit and not just an apple or two, nope! my whole fridge was stomped full with different types of fruit...but euhm...guess's all gone!!!! all of it!!! guess where it went!?!

I ate it all... in 3 days!!!

So now I'm left with an empty stomach. I've got potatoes, chicken,...things that make a propper dinner... but absolutly nothing to snack. OMG! so hungry!!! I don't even have any junkfood......Must not go to 24h shop.....must resist.

that is all I wanted to share today!
bon apétit!

Ohw..right.... any of you girls know where to get a good guy these days? I need one...really miss having someone to pick on!


Sunday, November 11, 2007


Wow... you'll never guess what I did last night....

I stayed up, all night... reading!

*oink*.... See?! I told you you'd never guess!

It was about midnight when I went to bed, but I didn't feel like sleeping yet. Soooo, I grabbed a book and told myself that I'd just read one chapter. One.

I ended up reading the whole damn book. When I finally closed it, I saw it was 7:15 in the morning, and it was already getting lighter outside. So, uhm, yeah, I stayed up all night.

The weird thing was, I wasn't tired at all. I had to make myself go to sleep, saying to myself what an idiot I was for staying up so late.

Uhm, early...

You know, that was actually the second night in my life I didn't sleep through. The first time was, when I was on vacation with Sonja, in Morocco. There was a wedding party going on (Sonja's sister-in-law was getting married). And we partied along. Sonja and I were dressed up like real princesses, in satin and silks. That really was the best part! Earlier that evening we'd been to the hairdresser. Which wasn't, by the way, like anything we'd ever seen before. Certainly not like the fancy salons here in Belgium. No, it was more like a crappy, too crowded, little room. At first, I didn't dare to sit down, afraid the chair might break. I had little confidence in the woman who was to do our hair. But that changed quickly. I saw her working on Sonja's hair, and well... It was like seeing a miracle happen. That woman had magic in her hands, for sure! I couldn't wait for my turn.

And so, when it was my turn, I asked if she could do my hair like a regency lady. That had been a dream of mine for so long, I couldn't resist. At first, she didn't understand a thing I was saying. It probably sounded weird in her ears, because she looked at me as if I was a complete idiot. But I managed to explain it, with the help of Sonja (her French is much better than mine) and her sister-in-law.

And that's how I got my regency hairdo. Man, it was soooooooooooooooo cool! It really was... *sigh* And it felt wonderful...

Later that night, we arrived at the villa the family had rented. At first, Sonja and I felt very much out of place. We sat with the women, and they all spoke Arabian. Probably gossiping as much as they could about us. But as the evening passed on, we began to have fun. Dancing in the main room, chatting on the terras, near the pool.

I even danced with a real gentleman. Outside, on the grass made of plastic, (Yeah, you figure that, the grass wasn't real, *oink*) he asked me to dance with him. Moroccan style, that is, *grin*. I thought I looked like an idiot, dancing like that. But he said I did a great job, hehe. When the dance was over, he thanked me for dancing with him, and I (stupid goose) couldn't suppress the urge to curtsey.

And before we knew, it was 5 in the morning. One second it was dark outside, I returned to the villa, and when I looked throught the window: poof! The sun was there. I swear, I've never seen the sun come up this quickly! (As if they'd just switched the light)

So now you know about the two times I stayed up all night. Pretty (not) impressive, huh?



Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 11

Ok, let's talk politics this time. Perhaps you guys have heard something about the situation here in Belgium? Well, let's see if we can find 13 things to rant about ;-)

  1. First of all, Leterme, the guy who won the elections in June 2007 (and who is now going for the position of prime minister), is a complete Moron (with a capital M).
    (Stien: but I guess you americans know about morons in politics, whehehe).
    I, Andi, said, before the elections, that I didn't want him to win. I practically prayed he wouldn't win. Not my luck, I guess, because in the news on television, everyone was soon saying he would become our new prime minister. Gah, why do they never listen to me, eh?

  2. So now, Leterme had to "lead" our country, *snort*. You just cannot believe how many times he screwed up, from July 'till now.
  3. (see map above) You have, let's say, 3 main parts in Belgium: the Flemish part (that's us), the French part, and Brussels. We, the Flemish, are the upper, red, part. Brussels is that tiny blue spot, and the french speaking people are in the light green area. The dark green area are the german speaking people. Now there's a conflict between the french and flemish. It's very complicated, and even we don't know all there is to it. But now there are some flemish guys who want to separate the two halfs.
  4. Before the elections, we had what we called a purple government (that means: the red socialists + the blue liberals). With the elections, it showed that the people wanted it different. The flemish mainly chose for Leterme's orange party (which wants a reformation of the state very much), the french speaking people chose for their blue, liberal party (which doesn't want a reformation). That means, simply put, conflict!
  5. It was Leterme's job to guide everything. To search for compromises. He blew it. The king called him back.
  6. Leterme got back, after some other people tried to get the flemish and french speaking again.
  7. The main conflict is actually BHV. Or, Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde. Halle-Vilvoorde is an area around Brussels. Basically, it's located on flemish ground. But because of the bilangual statute of Brussels, frenchspeaking politicians can also be chosen in that area. And just that fact is a pain in the ass for some flemish politicians. So, where it all comes down to, is that the Flemish want to separate Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde, and the French don't.
  8. It was Leterme's job to search for a compromise. He blew it, again.
  9. The Flemish politicians threatened to vote for a seperation of BHV, without the French, if the French wouldn't cooperate and/or search for a compromise. The French said: "If they are really going to vote for a separation, we pull the plug from the negotiations."
  10. Yesterday, the Flemish politicians actually voted. Before the voting took place, all the French politicians left the room to show their protest.
  11. That's not all of it. Now, the French can still stop the whole separation by pulling all kinds of tricks in the parliament. That means, at least for 60 days now, the separation of BHV is put aside. 60 Days, untill the whole matter is brought to parliament.
  12. The king spoke with Leterme today. The king wants Leterme to form a government, and quick. But, let's be honest... who's he kiddin'? Leterme is a ninny.
  13. And in the end, who was right? Yep, me. I am so glad I didn't vote for Leterme. What a freakshow!

We tried to explain everything as clear as possible. I hope we made the situation here in Belgium a bit clear ;-)

Andi & Stien

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The documentary is finished!

Wow... I really got up late this morning.

Erm... this afternoon, more likely.

Normally, when I don't have to go to school, I wake up rather early. Let's say, about 8.30 - 9.00. But today? Wow... It was 12.54 when I woke up. I'm shocked! Luckily my mom wasn't home. She left me a note on the table saying she went out to do some shopping and visiting a friend for her birthday.
I had just shoved a bowl of cereals in, when she got back. I said hi, we talked a bit and then she asked when I got up. Hahaha... I was too ashamed to admit it had been just 15 minutes, so I mumbled something.

Then I went upstairs to work a bit on my documentary. It's finished now, but I have some mixed feelings about it. Perhaps the music is a bit too sentimental, I really don't like my face (ugh!) and in the end, it isn't really a documentary in the strict sense of the word.
But, then again, I like how my family and friends are portrayed ;-)

What do you guys think? I'll post it at the end of this entry...

And with working on the docu, I hadn't much time for Nano. Oopsie. But I'll make it up by writing this evening. Wheeee :D
So now I'm still stuck on 3.134 words... I know it's not much... and I really have no clue how I'll ever reach the 50.000. *sigh*
I'll just have to keep on writing, I guess.


P.S: uploading this video was a real pain in the ass... Gah. I had to use Photobucket, but that means the quality is bad... I hope you don't mind ;-)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A piece of Nano...

Hi everyone!

I was just working on my Nano project this morning, when I remembered that Frigga asked if I would post something of it here. So I looked if there was something that might interest you guys. I don't know if it's any good, though. I had to translate everything from Dutch to English. And yes, I know I write in English here on Pervy, but it's a whole lot different to write fiction in English too. (And yes, I know I still make a lot of mistakes I'm not aware of :P )

So cut me some slack ;-) and enjoy my horrible scribblings, hahaha.

Shaw's mouth curled up in a mocking smile. He saw how uncomfortably she felt on her feet, sunk in the soft moquette. He saw how her hands moved nervously. She didn’t know what to do with them.
But suddenly she looked right at him and Shaw seemed to freeze on the spot.
She smiled the same smile that had become his trade mark, and raised her chin. Shaw’s eyes changed to warning slits and his mouth became a tight line.
She noticed nothing of it, and even if she did, she didn’t give a damn. She continued to look at him and stepped slowly towards him. Shaw tried to halt her with his gaze, but that did not seem to bother her at all. She still approached.
She stopped right in front of him. A couple of seconds, neither spoke. Both remained silent.
Shaw refused to give in. He resembled a statue, leaning against his table and unwilling to move even a centimeter. Miss Parker stood right in front of him, and she too, refused to give in and withdraw.
They continued to stare at each other. Tension filled the air with a warm glow.
Then, her smile changed, evolved to something more. It broke through completely. Her eyes seemed to sparkle and Shaw could do nothing else but swallow and stare back at her. She seemed to know that this victory belonged to her.
Yet Shaw remained perfectly still. And as said, he resembled a statue, with his cold, tight, and by a lot of people probably described as deadly, expression. But Miss Parker smiled as if she knew something about him. A secret, a certain knowledge. She seemed to want to play with him, very much like how a cat plays with a mouse. Shaw could easily picture her with pointy ears and a tail. He almost laughed, but in place of that, he lifted his eyebrow and looked at her askingly. She seemed to want something from him, but what?
Suddenly, she shoved her hand right under his nose.
“You have a deal, My Lord. From now on, I will be your new house keeper.”

Ow god, now I'm ashamed... Blaaaah ha ha ha...


Saturday, November 3, 2007

What classic movie are you?

I was visiting Frigga's blog, and when I saw her newest post, I decided I had to take that quiz too!
I mean, wheeeee, I wanted to know what movie I am. Turns out I'm an 'eeeeasy riderrr'. Yay.
See what it says? I just want to be calm, cool and comfortable. Yeah baby, you got that?

In the meanwhile, I went to shoot my documentary assignment for school today. Don't know how that's going to turn out. I'll have to see, I guess.
So now, for the rest of my day, I'm going to divide my time between editing the documentary and writing on my Nano project. I have 2.415 words, btw.
Only 47.585 words to go.... *whee*