Saturday, September 29, 2007

Things suck, big time!

Oops... we missed TT. Again.

Stien and I have both our first week of school behind us. That was though. At least, for me it was. I had to travel 2 hours by train each day, waking up early, comming home late. I catched a cold and got lost in Brussels (that's where my new school is located).
Stien stayed in Leuven. We haven't talked much, since turning on the PC wasn't so much on my mind this week. I'm hoping it will get better the next.
(Note to self: I should have bought that laptop when I had the chance!)

I do have some news, if you're wondering. Let's start with this one: We are not getting a dog. Turned out those people from that organisation played it dirty. Those nasty, vile hypocrites!
And that's all I'm going to say about it. I know those dogs need help, but I'm really sorry, I'm not ever going back to them!

Now, of course, my mom isn't willing to discuss the matter with me anymore. She won't hear of anything dog related. That sucks too... She changed her mind again, so I guess I won't see a dog here in house anytime soon. *sigh*

But I won't give up... I know the following may sound a tiny bit too cheesy, but a dog for a christmas present would be so very welcome!

Ah well, I'll just have to wait and see, I guess...

If you would like to, please, feel free to chear me up ;-)
Perhaps you guys have some handy advice in store for me...


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Good news and other stuff

Hi guys!

I know you don't see much of us lately, but yeah, we're still alive! I was busy for a couple of days... with stuff. I had to fix some papers for my new school, clean the house, help some friends,... And so blogging wasn't on my mind ;-)

But now I have news! Fun, fabulous, fantastic, extraordinary great news! ....Tam-tam-tam...

My mom promised me a dog! Yay!!! Whoooo!!!

After two years of whining (practically non-stop) she finaly said 'yes'. We saw the dog on the website of Ace/Shin. That's an organisation in Spain that rescues dogs from killing stations.
And now we can save one too! I am so happy!

Wednesday, a lady comes to talk to us, about the adoption. So I will tell you more after ;-)

In the meanwhile, I also read 'Skin to Skin' from Dionne Galace, and 'Boundless', an anthology with Annie Dean, Bonnie Dee and Dionne Galace.

Now, for a first review I am pretty nerveous. Let's start with 'Skin to Skin'.

What Leilani wants, Leilani gets. That is, until she meets the enigmatic Oliver Clayton, her new neighbor. For some reason, Oliver seems to be intent on avoiding her even though he’s obviously interested. Leilani has tried to everything to get his attention, from wearing skimpy little outfits to walking a neighbor’s dog six times in front of his yard. Leilani wants Oliver…and she always gets her man.

In the heat of the summer, the temperature’s not only thing rising. Luckily, Oliver has that pool in his backyard and Leilani knows just how to cool off…

I really liked how this story started. We immediately get to know Leilani. A girl with a big mouth. She and her friend reminded me almost instantly of Stien and me. I mean, we would talk like that to each other too.
So the tone is set and we're off...

Oliver is a cop recovering from a gunshot wound. He tries his best at ignoring Leilani, which causes pretty fun moments, hehehe...
And then Leilani gets into the pool...

At first I liked that scene. I really did... but then it started to get a bit... erm, awkward. Man, I was embarrased in Leilani's place! That scene got a bit too much 'eeeew' for my taste.
Oh well, never mind... Quickly forgotten I continued, and I liked the rest. Oliver 'Ollie' turned out pretty sexy, and the end was great. Hehhehe, I'm still smiling when I think of it.

Too bad this story was so short! The characters were well rounded, but I would have liked to see more of them.

'Boundless' then...

First story by Annie Dean, titeled: 'Seven Days'
This one started pretty weird. At first I thought it was a historical, because we don't see a young girl in a convent that often anymore. But since this story takes place in America, I guess everything is possible.

After I had adjusted myself to that fact, I found that this story flowed. It was the first time I read something by this autor and I just loved her language.
This story read like a fairy tale. Soft and gentle, and so very romantic!
Teresa was a perfect fairy tale princess, and Dev, (how much he may claim to be a demon) was a perfect fairy tale prince.

People, this story reads like a Disney! And I love Disney! (well, not all of them, but you get my point)

Story 2: 'The Straw Man' by Bonnie Dee.
It's Halloween and Marie is alone. So lonely that she asks for a man, even if it is just for 1 night. That evening someone knocks on her door....
Man, I had a great laugh reading this! That scene when Sam comes knocking on the door is priceless! Hehehe, really great! It would work fabulous in a movie, believe me.
Also this story has some sweet magic. Sam is a super cute hero, who comes just in time for Marie... And Marie takes this chance with both hands. I love her for it!
This one was a lovely uncomplicated love story, *sigh and swoon*.

Story 3: 'Waking Kitty' by Dionne Galace.
Well, this story totally rocks! It's creative and very science-fiction. From the start I connected with Jack. (No, not because he was a reporter with a film crew... I mean, uh, I want a film crew too. And I really want to steal that Kenny's camera! Why can Kenny have one and I not? It's so not fair... *whine*)

Okayyy, back to earth... Jack gets called to do a story about a ship that appeared from out nowhere, into a bar. Yeah, pretty weird, but let's go along.
Of course the place is crammed with reporters and Jack and his crew are interviewing some people. That's when he meets Kitty.
Kitty has pink hair (*jealousy*) and looks like a manga figure. She's so cool! But her pink hair is not the only thing that's weird about Kitty... her imagination is out of control. Or so she thinks.

I hadn't any problem with the weird happenings in this story. In fact, I really liked them! This was just my kind of, how do I say it, style. Oh, let's just say it: Yeah, I wish I had written it, okay?
Anyway, it was fun. Turns out Kitty can do some neat tricks. Like a magician, but way cooler.

All in all, this was a great anthology about magical fairy tales. I liked that subject (magic) and I would love to read more from these authors. They did a fabulous job!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 6...

Hi everyone!

We're a bit late but...

For our sixth TT, let's talk about irritations...

The 13 things that irritate us the most:

  1. Milk should be cold or warm, nothing in between. So please put bottles in the fridge.
  2. Cars that go too slow, especially when you need to be somewhere... on time.
  3. Mothers... who just keep on asking really annoying questions. Really, really annoying questions.
  4. When suddenly, the battery of your mobile phone is dead...
  5. Noisy kids. With Ipods. That play techno.
  6. Just the day you didn't bring your umbrella with you, it begins to rain. The days you keep the stupid thing with you, no drop will fall from the sky.
  7. People who double park their car at the movies because they are afraid of getting their car scratched. I always feel like squeezing my pile of metal junk between those suckers :-P
  8. Books you ordered online that won't arrive...
  9. People who make nasty comments on a spelling mistake. Everybody makes a type-o once in a while, especially us.
  10. When there's nothing in the fridge to eat.
  11. Noisy neighbours at night. Including cats and foxes... They can make some terrible noise!
  12. Pc-slowness
  13. Men! (no comment needed)

Happy TT to everyone! :-D

Stien and Andi

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 5, and we're back!

We have been away for quite some time, and we're very very sorry. We thought we could make it up with a TT today. So here we are!

Thirteen reasons not to TT and go and have a drink? Here we go ;-)
  1. We don't have to pull stuff out of our asses.
  2. We can have a chat in person.
  3. There will be booz :-p
  4. We can look at beefcakish boys.
  5. We won't get a headache from staring at ours screens (though the booz will probably do the trick).
  6. I can tell Andi about a very lovely compliment I got today from a very lovely boy AND I can make lots of handgestures emphasizing the matter.
  7. Hehehe, I defenitely need a drink, we still didn't toast on me passing my exam, eh Stien??
  8. I can give Andi a big hugg :-D
  9. It will be a chance to show my new hairdo to Andi.
  10. Going out will make me get up and wash myself, i stink (says Andi).
  11. Stien: she really does, ya know?!
  12. Andi: can't talk now.... showering... *lalalala*
  13. Stien: uhm, yeah... Did I mention there could be boys? And Booz?!... Yeah? Damn!

We hope you guys had a wonderful TT too. If you have one, link it ;-)

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We're off!

Stien and Andi

Friday, September 7, 2007

Oh My God!

Ooooh, i have such good news!

I got through my entry exam! Yay!! Partyyy!!!

I'm so relieved. Finally an end to all the stress. Yesterday we had the interviews. Each candidate had to present his/her movie to a jury. Pretty much like 'Idols'.

I was very nerveous. Hands shaking, turning red... horror! Anywho, when it was my turn, the jury seemed friendly. And not grumpy or cranky like the other candidate-students who went first, had told.
I played my vid and afterwards there was... silence. Until one jury-guy exclaimed: "That was a very ok movie! Very very ok!"

Ok, turning red again... But then we talked a bit, and they seemed really interested. And still very friendly. I think they liked me, heh heh heh.

Then today, I had to go back, for the results. They called out the names of everyone who passed the test. My heart was pounding in my chest like a madman. I knew that the interview had gone well, but still...
They went through the list of names, I heard my name, and oh man! I was smiling! Smiling, smiling, smiling! Wooptidoo...

Stien promised me a party if I passed this exam. So now it's party time. Yeah! Everyone who is in the neighborhood is invited. I'll post the date once we have it. Meanwhile, I'll crack open a bottle of our finest wine and get very drunk this evening!
Hahaha, probably not, but it would be very student like :-D

Everyone, enjoy your evening!
I'm sure I will ;-)


Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm baaaa-haaaack!!

Oh yeah, dear dear children, here I am again!

Wanna see what I did (except for moving in to the new house) these last few days?
I made a video for my upcomming exam. That big entry exam for film school, remember? Well, they sent me a letter last week, right in the middle of the most stressing point in the whole moving thing. They wrote that I had to make a video for them. About the entry exam. Max 3 minutes.

At first, I totally freaked out. I had to make a movie in a few days? It was never going to work! Never! I was ready to give up and totally forget about everything. I wanted to crawl into my bed and never come out again. Yeah, I was that miserable, you go figure :s

But after a few talks with my friends, Stien and Tina, I saw a tiny light in the distance.

This is what I came up with, the end result:

And no worries: No mice were harmed during the shooting of this film ;-)

I'm so very relieved that it is done! Tomorrow is the big day, so yay!

No, not really yay :-(
I'm sooooooooo nerveous! Biting my nails, and stressing out. That's not healthy. I'm sure I'll have to go to the bathroom A LOT tomorrow. I can feel it in my gut!

If you would like to comfort me, you can always tell me how great I am, and my movie, hahaha... *snort*

I'm back ;-)