Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have a title for my NaNoWriMo project!

And the winner is.......:

I thought it would fit perfectly with my story, since it's all about perception.
About how my (Anti) Hero sees the world. And about how others see the Hero. Ok, I admit, this is not very romantic looking. And yes, it's still going to be a romance story, although I would rather call it a Dark Romance (Muahahahaaaa!!!)

I thought of a pretty name for him too, he he he. He's now named Illias Shaw.
(<--- This is him, here. See?! He has that 'evil' look, oh yeah!)
The Heroine has the lovely name Rebecca (or Becca for short) Parker. Don't have a picture of her yet, but that'll come. Don't worry ;-)
Tomorrow it's the 1st. Exciting! :-D

Wish me luck ;-)
P.S: Ooops, I forgot to mention a Happy Halloween to you all!
*Happy Halloween!!*

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hi guys!

I'm thinking of participating with NaNoWriMo this year. I discovered it last year, mid November. I didn't participate then, not enough time, but I guess I'll take my chance this year. It seems like a lot of fun, trying to write a book. And since I always wanted to do that, I guess this is my moment, eh? ;-)

Of course, deciding to do Nano this year means I had to make a few choices. I won't be writing in English. If I ever want to reach that 50K in a month's time, I think I'll have to stick with my Dutch.
Also, over the last few years, I worked and plotted out about 4 stories. All historical romances. For this Nano, I want to write a historical too, but not one of my 4 pet projects. I'm afraid to touch them, and/or perhaps to ruin them, hahaha... So I had to think out a whole new idea. I did that last week. I'm not sure what to think of it yet. I have my plot outlined already, but I don't know if I even like my characters.
The story itself is OK, I guess. But those characters! I seriously doubt it if my 'hero' could be considered as hero material.
Okay, I confess. My other 4 projects are rather unusual too. I always had and will have a liking for unusual romances. But this time?...
Wow, things are strange, really.

I have a hero with a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He's a killer and has a total lac of morals. My heroine is a golddigger.


But I do have my plot line. Hehehe :D

Perhaps I should just go with the flow, and simply write this Nano project.

Anywho, what do you guys think?


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 10

OMG, I just noticed a (big) mistake! Well, perhaps not that bad, but still. It took me 10 weeks before seeing it!

10 weeks, that's a looooong time.

Only today I found out we've been writing Thursday Thirteen wrong from the start. We wrote Thirsday.... d'oh! *dumbass*

Anyway, I know I'm a bit late today. I had school and that kept me from writing here ;-)
I've thought about this TT's theme all day long. Untill a few seconds ago, I had no clue what to do. But then something tickled my mind. You all know how fond I am of using smileys. Well... Let's talk about my favorite smileys/emoticons today. Or the ones I use the most:

  1. This is '1 tooth' or '1tand' in Dutch. It's my most used smiley. I just love it. It's funny and very much me. It suits almost every occasion, hahaha.

  2. This one then, is close to '1tand'. Every time I see it, I imagine it making sounds like: 'har-har-har'. Much like a sea captain.

    Everyone knows this one. I use it a lot. Well, it makes me feel like a cheery person, you know?

    This is a well known smiley as well. Same story here, it's cheery!

    This, I use when I'm ashamed. Mostly, there is always an *oops* that follows...

    I like to use this when I'm thinking about something. It's my 'hmmmm' smiley.

    The one I use when I'm 'in shock'. Mostly when I don't know what to say.

    This is the most common in whole smiley-land, everyone knows it. So of course I'm bound to use it a lot, hehe...

    Drooling. Hahaha, this one can be used when discussing boys and/or cake. It's used frequently on this computer ;-)

    Hehehe, this is a fun one too. The one I use when trying to act innocent... Bwahaha...

    This is when I'm in an 'evil' mood. Simply put, that's the one I use when I'm acting like a complete bitch...

    The naughty one. Does this need any explanation? :P

    The yay-one, I use it when there's something to celebrate, woohoo!

And as a bonus, just for the fun of it (I found it somewhere on a Gerard Butler fan site board) :

        Hahaha, long live Gerry Butler? :P

        Happy TT to you all!


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        Tuesday, October 23, 2007

        Woohooo! Party! 21!!!!

        It's her birthday, it's her birthday. Put your hands in the air, it's her birthday!

        Yes peeps, Stien is now officially a grown up.

        *Snort* Yeah right... :P

        We (Sonja and I)

        went to Leuven today, to bring Stien all the best wishes in the world. And of course, we brought presents too ;-)

        A fan, a purple one. Showing here, together with Stien:

        And a game called: The badass girl's guide to poker, all you need to beat the boys!

        Heheheh... Looks good, doesn't it?

        Well, we didn't actually play it (yet), but we will!... Eventually.

        We had a great time.

        We went shopping (Stien bought a gorgeous pink sweater), and afterwards, Stien cooked dinner. She made thai noodles, which were very, very hot, and left me with a burning mouth! *Hot-hot-hot*
        But except from that minor detail, it was quite tasty.

        And then it was time to go back home :-(

        All I want to say now is: Stien, sweety, I hope you had a wonderful day! Kisses and more Birthday Wishes!

        Son and Andi :-D

        Thursday, October 18, 2007

        Thursday Thirteen # 9...

        Yeah, 9 already. We keep it going, hahaha :-D

        Today I was thinking about doing something with the theme 'birthdays', since Stien's is quickly approaching.

        So, here we go:

        13 Happy Birthday Wishes for Stien!

        1. First of all, I wish Stien a Happy, Happy Birthday! The very best there can be!!!
        2. Then, there are these 2 who want to wish Stien a Happy Birthday too: take a look
        3. And aaaah, another one! They are so great! These two, yeah!
        4. Aaah, I just love Hoops & Yoyo. I want to be Yoyo, the green one. Stien can be the pink one, Hoops. Hehehe *giggle*... They are just too cute to be true... Like Stien. She's so cute, I want to eat her. I mean, I want to eat her birthday cake. Yeah,... the cake, that's right! Hehehe, cake! That's my 4th wish. I wish her (and me) lot's of birthday cake. Yum!
        5. Then, there's this card I want to give to Stien: Hihihihihi...
        6. Or perhaps this one, I can't choose...
        7. I just love uncooked land. These cards are great! Rude, but great. I'm sure Stien share's this humour with me. That's why I love her so much!
        8. That's why I want to show her this one: See?!
        9. This is a bit of peptalk. I especially agree with the 'D'... and the 'Y'... and the 'B'... and....
        10. This one is just good for a great laugh: have a go: Hahahahahahaha!!!
        11. And, you know how much I like cake and parties. Well, Stien, I guess your party will look like this. If you invite me, that is... (I have quite a reputation when it comes to eating. I always tend to get messy. Don't know why that is though...)
        12. Wahahaha, I really don't know why/where I keep finding this stuff. But it's hilarious! Check it out!
        13. And last but not least... I love you hunni, and wish you can have the very best 21st birthday there is! I'll see you on your special day! ;-)


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        Wednesday, October 17, 2007


        Hi everyone!

        Well, I guess I'm not feeling so horrible anymore. My mom and I had a little talk and everything was cleared. Except my sister who acts like a real brat almost every other day.

        In a few days, it's Stien's birthday. I'm preparing some surpises for her, but shhhhhhhhhhhtt, don't tell her that ;-)
        Her birthday is the 23rd, so I have a couple more days...

        This week has been rather quiet, but it allowed me a bit to relax. Tomorrow I have a school day. The first of this week. I know, it's strange, but I guess that's school life after high school, eh?

        Anyway, I have some more reviews for you, let's say, this weekend. And of course, a TT tomorrow!

        See you then,
        Andi ;-)

        Sunday, October 14, 2007

        Feeling like shit...

        I thought I hadn't anything to say today. But here I am...

        I don't feel so good today. Don't know what it is. Perhaps I'm getting sick or something like that. All I know is that I don't feel 100%, that I didn't do much today, except for curling up on the couch with a book. Even my mom noticed. She had a party to go to. Some sort of class reunion. She asked me to do her hair.
        I did, it looked rather nice, but she kept fussing about it why I did it 'that way'... *roll eyes*

        Anyway, I was grumpy today. I helped her looking for a purse that matched her outfit. She was in my sister's room, looking into the closet for a purse, when I entered. Feeling already grumpy, I got pissed when I saw something shiny on a shelf, she quickly shut the closet door and she gave me a guilty look.
        "What was that?" I asked.
        "Nothing." she said.

        I pulled the closet door open and guess what I saw...
        You know, after that episode, when I had come home to find all that candy in the cupboards, my mom hid it the next day. Really childish to do, but I guess she didn't want to 'tempt' me. *Come on, please!*
        Anyway, I didn't go looking for it or anything. I just forgot about it. Untill today, that is.

        So, I opened that door, and saw all those cookies lying there. And Milky Ways, and candy... In my sister's room.

        And that hurt. Big time. Now I just feel like crying. It's like they treat me like some fatty, who has to be protected from the evil chocolate!

        And I really hated that guilty look on my mom's face, and how she tried to make a save on the whole situation.

        "Do you want a Milky Way?" she asked.
        "No." I said.
        "Fuck you," I wanted to say...

        Now it's a couple of hours later, my sister is back home (she was with a friend today), and I'm sitting here. I didn't speak much today. And now my sister is asking all these annoying questions. Why I am so silent, why I don't come downstairs,...

        Well, I don't like talking much when I'm in a mood like this. Perhaps it will go better tomorrow. I don't know. Maybe I just have to sleep over it...


        Thursday, October 11, 2007

        Thursday Thirteen # 8...

        I went to 'Het Boekenfestijn' today. That's a book festival, somewhat like a travelling book fair. The best thing about it, is that the books are really, really cheap! Like, let's say, a dollar for a book, if you are lucky. I bought 13 items today...

        The 13 books I bought today:
        1. Emma Brown, A novel from the unfinished manuscript by Charlotte Brontë, by Clare Boylan.
        2. The Legend of Holly Claus, by Brittney Ryan.
        3. The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Emmuska Orczy.
        4. If I had you, by Lynn Kurland.
        5. The Lady in Question, by Judith Laik.
        6. The House Party, by Jeanne Savery.
        7. The Duchess' Lover, by Julie Beard.
        8. The Seduction of Sarah, by Cynthia Clement.
        9. The Chase, by Cheryl Sawyer.
        10. Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell.
        11. Het karakter van katten, by Stephen Budainsky.
        12. CatTITUDE, the feline guide to being fabulous, by Kim Levin and Christine Montaquila.
        13. I am puppy, hear me yap. The ages of dog, by V. Shaff and R. Blount Jr.


        Andi :-)

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        Long Time No Blog

        Hi everyone,

        I know, I know, haven't been blogging for a while. It has been hectical around here, first weeks of university requiered some adapment from me. I'm also having trouble with the internet connection provided by my school.
        Andi and I had our get together this week, our friend Sonja came along aswell. I was very pleased to see the both of them. Altough I made some new friends here quickly, seeing Andi was like being home away from home.

        First of all: Andi, there is no need to be jealous :D I made friends but none of them are as cool as you :D I don't have a boyfriend either, not even close to one. Not even a skinny nerdkid in a fancy shirt that is too big!
        Some girls here made it their mission to get me a boyfriend before newyear's eve. Good luck girls! Not gonna happen.

        Anyway, living in Leuven (the city where I study) is just a little different from life in our village. For starters, it is NEVER, and I mean NEVER...quiet around ere. Every day, around the hour there are loads of college kids walking to class. Every night the same kids walk the streets to find the nearest party or bar. It took some getting used to, but now I usually sleep the whole night through. That if ofcourse, if I am not one of those kids in search for a bar.
        Like last night. The bar across the street was having "cocktail night"...cocktails were at 1.5 euro :D... As you can see living in Leuven has it's advantages as well :p

        ...shalalala...I am running out of things to say, and I kinda still need to read a chapter from the book before the next class starts (hurray!). Oh lord! I don't feel like going to class! We do have a cute professor for it. Helas! I don't mean cute in a hunky way! My prof is a guy that looks like the kind grandpa from candy commercials. You just wanna give him a hug or pinch his cheeks :D

        ...Anywhooooo...Islamic studies here I come... *Stien signing off*

        P.S. to Andi: your sister might just be a little more skinny and she is a very pretty girl...but euhm... she is not as pretty as you :$ (she will probably hate me for saying so :p but aaaaahhh we all die...some day :D)

        P.S. to all of you: I'm really sorry for spelling mistakes, could not find the time to read the text over. I will correct it afterwards so please ignore mistakes :p


        Tuesday, October 9, 2007

        I hate it when my mom goes shopping!

        One of my mom's favorite lines, concerning me, usually sounds something like this:
        "Oh, Andi, perhaps you should lose some weight?"
        Always great to hear, heh?

        Anyway, I guess it could be true... sometimes. I mean, I can deal with that comment. My sister, for example, she has a great body. Lean, slim and gorgeous. She can eat whatever she wants, she won't gain anything. On the contrary, she will probably loose some weight too. *roll eyes*
        And that can sometimes be depressing.

        But see, I'm used to that. I can deal with it. But what I really, really hate then, is when I come home and notice that my mom went shopping. I open the cupboards and see, what seems to me, tons of candy, chocolate and cookies,...
        I turn to my mom, she looks at me and says: "Oh well, that's not for you, it's for your sister."

        Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!!! That pisses me off so much! Especially when each time she says she won't buy that much candy/chocolate anymore, she does it anyway. Each, every, single time! Bah!

        And it's so unfair! I mean, I'm a vegetarian, I mostly eat healthy. My sister doesn't. It seems like she just lives on pizza and chocolate. And cookies.
        I have thought many times that she should look like me, and I like her, if only judged by the things we eat...
        When I'm cooking dinner, she never want's to eat it. "Eeeeewww, vegtables!!!" she likes to say.

        Oh well, I'm probably whining like hell here. But this is one of the few things that can really frustrate me.

        a frustrated Andi :-(

        Sunday, October 7, 2007



        Like you can see we've been 'updating' here :-D
        I hope you like it!

        Yes yes, that are we on the picture ;-)


        Time for another review

        Hi there,

        I'm back with another review. Now that I have more time to read, (every day 2 hours of travelling by train), I also have more to share with you.

        Perhaps you don't know this yet, but I really like to read work by debut authors. So every now and then, I search that Kensington site for Zebra Debuts. Trust me, that way I have found a lot of good books already.

        Plus that price is also very handy for such a poor student as myself ;-)
        Long live the discount!

        Well, what do I have for you guys now? It's a book by Sara Reinke. Not her debut, I understand, but it is with Zebra.

        This is the back blurb:

        When Brandon Noble and Angelina Jones first met, he was an awkward teenager harboring a crush on his tutor's sister. Five years later, Angelina is a streetwise cop who's sure she's seen it all, until Brandon comes back into her life - lean, handsome, possessing a strange, powerful allure... and a terrifying secret.

        Brandon is one of the Brethren, an ancient clan of ruthless vampires. Like other Brethren families, the Nobles have accumulated great wealth and prestige, never marrying outside of their kin, never leaving the isolated Kentucky farmlands where they live, undetected, among their prey.
        Horrified by his birthright, Brandon shunned the ritual of the first kill, earning the Brethren's lasting wrath. But the exhilarating passion he and Angelina share rouses the primitive impulses he has so hard tried to deny. And even if Brandon can protect Angelina from his enemies, can he save her from his own dark thirst?

        Like many of you, who read paranormal romance, know, there is always such a stereotyping thing going on in those novels. The heroes are strong alpha males, the heroines totally beautiful women, and so on, blablablah,... You know the drill.
        Well, not so in this book, hooray!!!

        First of all, the hero, Brandon, is deaf, mute, 21, a virgin, and has little self-confidence, a low self-esteem. And that's totally yum, by the way!
        The heroine, (Ange)Lina, is a cop, 26, black and super cool. I want to be like her when I grow up! She can kick some ass! *worshipping*

        Brandon is a vampire. As a kid, he was attacked by burglars which costed him his hearing and his voice. But he lived, although he was almost slashed to pieces. Yeah, there's a lot of violence going on in this book.
        Anywho, for this, he is considered weak by his family. His grandfather and Brandon's brother, Caine, are the two biggest assholes in this story. Stupid fuckfaces!
        They treat him like shit, so it's no wonder Brandon wants to escape them. They want to force him into the Bloodletting. A ritual where a young vampire has to make his first kill. Brandon doesn't want this, so he flees from Kentucky to the city.
        That's where he meets Lina again...

        I don't want to spoil too much of this story. You have to read it for yourselves. But I do want to share my favorite passage with you guys. The one where Brandon kisses Lina for the first time. Totally hot, *swoon*, untill...

        Lina didn't give him the chance. She caught his hand against her breast, folding her fingers about his, and then bright, excruciating pain seared up toward his shoulder and neck as she craned his wrist at a sudden, unnatural angle. He gasped sharply for breath as she hyperextended his arm, and he crumpled to his knees, helpless and immobilized.
        "What the hell was that?" she demanded, hooking her free hand beneath his chin and jerking his face up to look at her. She looked wide-eyed and stricken, as stunned by his impulsive advance as he was.
        " What's wrong with you? Why the hell did you do that?"
        I'm sorry! I'm sorry! he signed, drawing his fist in quick, frantic circles above his heart. He grimaced as she momentarily flexed her grasp against him all the more, and then she stepped back, letting him go. Brandon drew his aching wrist against his belly and stumbled to his feet, trying to catch his breath.
        Don't you ever do that again! Lina signed at him furiously. Who do you think you are? If you ever do that again, I'll break your goddamn arm! Do you understand?

        God, I love this heroine! She's great.... so super fantastic great! Where else have you ever read about a heroine so totally cool?

        Abouth what I understand, there are more books to come in these series. This is only the first book! I'm so blessed, he he he :-D

        I think the second book will continue right where this one ended, or so I hope, since this ending was a bit open. I also hope we will see Brandon and Lina back in book two, because I want to read more about them, and about the great escape. I hope they'll make it!

        (By the way, this would be a great movie!)

        Hooray for Sara Reinke! I'm hooked!


        P.S: I totally screwed up my copy of the book. Because of stupid me, the book got wet and looks like shit now. So when I'm placing my next order, I'll order a new one. See, that's how much I like this book!

        Thursday, October 4, 2007

        Thursday Thirteen # 7...

        Hi there!

        Back for a new TT, yes, yes... :-D
        Let's see what the 13 things will be this time...

        We've done this before, I guess, but this one is slightly different: Thirteen things about Stien:
        1. I hate the fact we don't see each other that often anymore.
        2. School is driving me crazy with work! I don't even have time to scratch my ass (so to speak). That's why I haven't talked to Stien in ages. I get up early, and come home late. There's no more time to turn on my PC...
        3. She's so far away from me now. It feels like there are a zillion miles between us!
        4. I don't have money on my mobile phone to call her.
        5. Ok, that sounds shitty. But still... I would like to talk to her, even if it is on the phone.
        6. She has probably some new friends in her new school (that big University at Leuven) where I don't know a thing about. I'm so jealous by now. I know, pathetic!
        7. And perhaps she even has a new boyfriend... who knows!
        8. She needs to comfort me, I really need someone to talk to, since school is being crap :-(
        9. She has to tell me about her school, about the courses and classes!
        10. I really hate it to be so far away from her now. If I could I would teleport her straight to my house! No matter what she would be doing at this point, hehehe ;-)
        11. I could really use a girls' night out!
        12. I'm so pathetic, but have I mentioned I miss her?
        13. I really, really do... Stien come back!!!!

        Voila, that was my sad, sad TT for today...


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