Thursday, February 14, 2008

TT time (#16!)

Hi there!

Back again ;-) ... and... Happy Valentine's Day!

Two weeks ago, I posted a TT on words in Dutch and English that look pretty much the same. That got me thinking, why don't make a list with verbs as well? Gna gna gna... I must begin to resemble my English teacher in high school...
Plus, Since I don't feel like doing something 'romantic'...

  1. to work (work) = werken (werk)
  2. to dance (dance) = dansen (dans)
  3. to sing (sing) = zingen (zing)
  4. to go (go) = gaan (ga)
  5. to do (do) = doen (doe)
  6. to cook (cook) = koken (kook)
  7. to eat (eat) = eten (eet)
  8. to sleep (sleep) = slapen (slaap)
  9. to come (come) = komen (kom) --> because I'm pervy that way *g*
  10. to break (break) = breken (breek)
  11. to bring (bring) = brengen (breng)
  12. to miss (miss) = missen (mis)
  13. to wrestle (wrestle) = worstelen (worstel)

See? Dutch is easy ;-)
Perhaps now you can write a very mysterious love letter to your Valentine, in Dutch, hee hee hee...

I wonder what that would give...

Andi ;-)

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Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

WOrk/werk is not fun in any langguage. :)

Andi & Stien said...

Nancy, that's so true, unfortunately, eh? ;-)

Miranda said...

I try to teach my kids dutch, and though I never went to school to learn write it. I just sound it out. They like the the 'G' sound that sounds like its clearing your throat. lol

I dont think Im spelling this right, but my mom always says "Je ben gek"

Anonymous said...

Yay! I like language lessons! :)

Andi & Stien said...

He he he, Miranda, whee... If you ever need to know something, you know where to find me, eh? ;-)
(You're almost right with the spelling: Je bent gek. Sorry, couldn't resist, *whoopsie*)

Crushed glass, well, if you ever want another language lesson... ;-)

Thanks to you all for visiting!!! And have a wonderful TT!


nicholas said...

Very interesting. It's easy to see that English and Dutch came from the same roots.